Felix Da Housecat & Coco Defoe – Uh-HUH!

Felix is back, and he’s teamed up with the mysterious Coco Defoe (who, we suspect, is so mysterious he doesn’t actually exist, and Felix has either lost the plot and started talking to himself, or it’s an intentional alter ego and all will be revealed) to produce the sort of uber 00s big-room electro track that will be referred to everywhere as a ‘banger’.

Check it out for yourself!

Haha, hilarious, we know.

Felix plays with Fred Falke at the Arches this Saturday 19th May at A Night Under The Northern Lights.

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New video from The Rapture: How Deep Is Your Love


New video from The Rapture for How Deep Is Your Love, drawing on the gospel influences their 2011 album In The Grace Of Your Love was so heavily based on. As quirky and oddly jarring with the music as you’d expect from the band who chose to accompany one of their simplest, most beautiful songs with a video of Luke Jenner surfing the streets of Brooklyn on top of a car with a giant shell.

Incidentally, they’re playing the Liquid Room in Edinburgh on Tues 12th June. Get your tickets here.

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Hot Chip – Flutes

Hot Chip are back and, as ever, point blank refuse to let people down by releasing something a bit shite, and that’s despite the offputting title – a paean to surely the worst instrument ever made, and I’m including recorders in that.

With a fuzzy taster leaked by their record label Domino a few days ago, complete with nauseating video filmed from a camera sitting on the rotating vinyl – which makes you feel sick whilst simultaneously wishing you were in a band and/or got to just ‘hang out’ in recording studios without being asked to leave – the full track is now online. Click the second and enjoy.

In Our Heads is due out on June 11th. Pre-order it on vinyl at Domino Records or as a download on iTunes.

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A week in music: Green Velvet, Tanlines, Factory Floor

A week in listening, from Factory Floor’s brutal-beautiful mix ripped from 6 Music earlier this year to tropicalia pop from Tanlines’ first EP, Settings, ahead of the new album release.

Tanlines – O Seizing the Day O (feat. Luke Jenner Of The Rapture)

Factory Floor: Kraftwerk inspired mix for 6 Music
Green Velvet – Never Satisfied (Studio 54 Re-Re Mix)

AND… This weekend’s indulgence comes straight from 2007, that most glorious of years. “It’s been quite of a while since I could experience your brightness…”

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Justice: the On’n’On and Canon remixes

Back with a suitably epic video and some single artwork which apparently got some people quite angry – and they’re right, this is definitely the worst thing anyone’s ever seen on the internet, worse than this – the French duo’s latest release is a bit of a tribute to Queen, or Sparks – all camped up, carefully enunciated vocals and 70s epic rock guitar stabs. I’ll be frank: I don’t get the appeal. Not yet, anyway. But then, they’ve never been ones for doing anything by halves, and the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude they’ve effortlessly cultivated along with the rest of the French electro scene makes your one little voice of dissent feel a bit, well… pathetic in the face of their megalithic sleaze-synth edifice.


The reason I post is because the On’n’On remix package is a vast improvement. Buy this for Tiga’s remix of Canon, and Rick Rubin’s ‘ruin’ of On’n’On which, ironically, saves it for me.

Here’s a taster:

Justice – Canon (Tiga remix)

Update (9th Feb):
After three days of not being able to get it out of my head, it would appear that, what would you know, this is definitely a grower. It’s like they knew.

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Miike Snow – Paddling Out

One of the most perky, uplifting tracks I’ve heard in a while is Miike Snow’s Paddling Out. It’s still got the delicate Swedish pop feel of their earlier stuff, but it’s chopped up by quite a forceful 90s house riff. The group vocals on the words “paddling out” are also fairly joyous, making it feel a bit like one of those upbeat summer anthems from bands with at least 13 members and not one life plan between them. Mixed with the above references and the trio’s sweet, crisp production, it turns out to be a good thing.

New album Happy To You is out on March 17th.

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IMPORTANT: Changes to DJs clothing regulations this Friday

Important notice to Brodinski, Gesaffelstein and Riton on the Arches dressing room door.

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