Justice: the On’n’On and Canon remixes

Back with a suitably epic video and some single artwork which apparently got some people quite angry – and they’re right, this is definitely the worst thing anyone’s ever seen on the internet, worse than this – the French duo’s latest release is a bit of a tribute to Queen, or Sparks – all camped up, carefully enunciated vocals and 70s epic rock guitar stabs. I’ll be frank: I don’t get the appeal. Not yet, anyway. But then, they’ve never been ones for doing anything by halves, and the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude they’ve effortlessly cultivated along with the rest of the French electro scene makes your one little voice of dissent feel a bit, well… pathetic in the face of their megalithic sleaze-synth edifice.


The reason I post is because the On’n’On remix package is a vast improvement. Buy this for Tiga’s remix of Canon, and Rick Rubin’s ‘ruin’ of On’n’On which, ironically, saves it for me.

Here’s a taster:

Justice – Canon (Tiga remix)

Update (9th Feb):
After three days of not being able to get it out of my head, it would appear that, what would you know, this is definitely a grower. It’s like they knew.

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