Win a night with Brodinski and Gesaffelstein! Or, tickets, t-shirts and tote bags!


Yes, we’re not actually able to give away a night with Brodinski and Gesaffelstein, aka “des deux beaux gosses de l’electro francaise”, aka “the two hottest guys in French electro”*, due to this contravening a number of fundamental human rights (theirs, not yours), but we CAN give away some very cool limited edition t-shirts and tote bags courtesy of hypercool French clothes label kulte ahead of their appearance at the Naive night this Friday as part of the Bromance tour.

We’ve got three competition packs to give away as part of the Bromance Records x Kulte contest – so that’s a pair of tickets, a t-shirt and a tote bag. All you have to do is share this post on your Facebook wall, tagging The Arches Facebook page.

Make sure you do it before 10pm on Thursday 8th Dec, and the three winners will be picked at random and announced on the Arches Facebook page on Friday morning. Good luck!

* they’re really hot.

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Plastikman at the Barrowlands: video snippets

Never got a ticket for this. Utterly gutted.

EQTV got some video snippets of the live show, with a proper video of the afterparty at the Arches to come.

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New video from Cazwell & Peaches – Unzip Me

Picnicking in the Alps.

It’s HERE!

Top five things about this video:

(1) Peaches’ teeth.
(2) Cazwell’s need to show us what “jerk it” means by simulating hand movements (2:06)
(3) The brief reappearance of Cazwell’s pals from the ice cream truck (hello!)
(4) The fact that we can forgive the vaguely paedophilic overtones of Cazwell’s conversation with someone (young) he’s picking up in a club.
(5) Cazwell.

Cazwell & Peaches – Unzip Me

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Exclusive Death Disco line-up announcement (and, the best xx remix out there?)

Rory Phillips: "Yeah, er, cool. Mate, can you not see I'm kind of busy?!"



The man who so bowled over Erol Alkan with his taste in tunes he was offered a residency at the now legendary Trash club night, and the man who last year possibly topped any other submission so far in the denied-but-clearly-happening international DJ competition Who Can Do The Best xx Remix (coming to an issue of DJ Mag near you, just as soon as they can figure out how Guetta can feasibly win the top spot without half of the nation spontaneously choking on their own bile-marbled vomit) is the latest addition to the already pretty exciting Death Disco line-up this Saturday.

Here’s our current top three to download. Please feel free to abuse our suggestions or add your own below: if we get enough submissions we’ll beat DJ Mag to it and create a bloody Top Ten.

The xx – Crystalised (Rory Phillips Mix)
The xx – VCR (Matthew Dear remix)
The xx – Shelter (Tiga remix)

* For those of you who mistakenly thought we were saying The xx were playing… Sorry. It really wasn’t intentional.

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Death Disco residents: Tracks of the month (November)

This month’s Death Disco residents share the tracks they can’t stop listening to this month before the club this Saturday with Jacques Lu Cont and The 2 Bears.

Hushpuppy chooses…

Cosmonaut – One Dance Floor (3am version)

“Bang Gang Recordings just wont give it up with the ferocious releases. This juddering and infectious wedge of Antipodean android house, shot through with buzzing and fizzing synth effects and one hell of a spoken breakdown, is simply exceptional. Those Oz boys, knob twiddling wizards I tell you.”

HaHaHa chooses…

Marc Houle – Thirds In Trees

“I spent years trying to find out what this track was after hearing it in a Michael Mayer set, I tried covering it a couple times so I could play it out but before I finished Rob from Mia Dora used some app on his phone which recognised it instantly. I think this is the best bass line EVER.”

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Joe Goddard – Gabriel remix EP

Joe Goddard’s Gabriel was easily one of the best tracks of late summer, its God-fearing, despairing vocals blasting out like a call to arms from high flat windows and sweaty club basements in the dwindling light of September’s Indian summer.

The remix EP takes it up a notch. The palate-cleansing opening is promptly ditched for straight-up dancefloor filth. For those most excited by Valentina‘s shuddering voice, it’s Ossie’s cinematic strings that complement the drama of the vocal line, whilst Peach Melba – Juan Maclean’s latest project – lowers it down into deep, hypnotic house. But the best on there has to be remixes by Seiji and Compound One, brutally chopping Valentina’s torment to pieces only to weave it tightly and securely into a stomping garage track.

Buy on Boomkat

Ne forgettez pas, Goddard is playing Death Disco this month as one half of hugely huggable duo The 2 Bears, warming up for Jacques Lu Cont. Join in the Facebook fun.

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New Orbital track Never to download

Having taken their name from the huge circular motorway surrounding London and its part in the early rave scene, it seems the Orbital brothers have rather appropriately come full circle with their latest track and made a video involving a sped up car journey on the same motorway.

Orbital – Never (right click to save)

So far most early commenters seem to have said it’s not much of a progression from their older sound, but I’m not sure. The vocals owe more to the computer manipulated style of Oh Superman’s, replacing the early-90s floaty epicness of Belfast and Halycon & On & On with a more contained, contemplative sense of experimentation – exactly what they said they were going to do, basically, when they reformed in preparation for 2009’s summer festivals.

It’s certainly got the trademark Orbital epicness to it, but in a softer, quieter way – a long car journey at night, rather than the manic anticipation of travelling to a rave. When it kicks in at 2:13, the familiar rushes are allowed to break through and the track becomes alive, beating like a heart and cocooning you in warm waves.

One of my favourite Orbital tracks (if not favourite tracks, ever) still has to be Halycon & On & On.

The original (unembeddable) video plays on the story behind the track’s title, namely Paul and Phil’s mother’s experience on the prescription drug Halcyon, echoing Requiem For A Dream‘s super creepy diet-pills-and-cleaning scenes as a housewife hallucinates and trips her way through washing the dishes, lurching from ecstasy to fear in lurid technicolour. At the time of writing I am unsure as to where you can buy one of those plates with the Hartnell brothers’ faces on, but rest assured that if I find out, you will be told: a dinner party essential for the 90s rave generation, now in their 40s with a steady job, a mortgage and a gentle sense of loss.

Orbital wearing their now iconic head torch 'piece'

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