Death Disco residents: Tracks of the month (November)

This month’s Death Disco residents share the tracks they can’t stop listening to this month before the club this Saturday with Jacques Lu Cont and The 2 Bears.

Hushpuppy chooses…

Cosmonaut – One Dance Floor (3am version)

“Bang Gang Recordings just wont give it up with the ferocious releases. This juddering and infectious wedge of Antipodean android house, shot through with buzzing and fizzing synth effects and one hell of a spoken breakdown, is simply exceptional. Those Oz boys, knob twiddling wizards I tell you.”

HaHaHa chooses…

Marc Houle – Thirds In Trees

“I spent years trying to find out what this track was after hearing it in a Michael Mayer set, I tried covering it a couple times so I could play it out but before I finished Rob from Mia Dora used some app on his phone which recognised it instantly. I think this is the best bass line EVER.”

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