Joe Goddard – Gabriel remix EP

Joe Goddard’s Gabriel was easily one of the best tracks of late summer, its God-fearing, despairing vocals blasting out like a call to arms from high flat windows and sweaty club basements in the dwindling light of September’s Indian summer.

The remix EP takes it up a notch. The palate-cleansing opening is promptly ditched for straight-up dancefloor filth. For those most excited by Valentina‘s shuddering voice, it’s Ossie’s cinematic strings that complement the drama of the vocal line, whilst Peach Melba – Juan Maclean’s latest project – lowers it down into deep, hypnotic house. But the best on there has to be remixes by Seiji and Compound One, brutally chopping Valentina’s torment to pieces only to weave it tightly and securely into a stomping garage track.

Buy on Boomkat

Ne forgettez pas, Goddard is playing Death Disco this month as one half of hugely huggable duo The 2 Bears, warming up for Jacques Lu Cont. Join in the Facebook fun.

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