Death Disco residents: Tracks of the month (October)

You want to get that seen to, love.

The Death Disco residents give us their tunes of the month for October.

Death Disco is on this Saturday with Justus Kohncke, Plaid, JG Wilkes and the inimitable Peaches, popping in for one of only a few UK DJ sets as she works on taking her spangly 40-person production Peaches Does Herself – “the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the next generation” – to America.

Although currently away following Todd Rundgren around America (video evidence), Mingo-Go did manage to squeeze in an interview with The Herald, in which she gets in at least two mentions of Todd Rundgren. She’ll be back behind the decks this Saturday as the sole Death Disco resident.

Hushpuppy chooses…

Starsmith – Champion
“It’s transcendentally wonderful, and makes me smile ’til my face is sore when it hits the exquisite, sky-defying synth breakdown. Love it LOVE IT.”

Josh Jones chooses…

Telonius – Last Night (Extended Club Version)
“only a snippet but total flexer!!!”

HaHaHa chooses…

Martyn – Masks
“This has been my favourite for a couple of months now”


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