I'm assuming they know her.

When Saints Go Machine will be supporting Apparat in Glasgow this month, news which will come as a welcome surprise to anyone who’s been hooked in by their synth-laden yet soulful electronica.

Fail Forever, released a year after Hercules and Love Affair got Antony (minus the Johnsons) to provide vocals for Blind, could easily have been (and probably was) mistaken for Antony and the gang, with Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild’s voice proving as strange and beautiful as his name.

Their debut album, two years in the making, came out this summer, keeping up the H&LA comparisons with the instantly loveable Kelly, and landing bang on trend with the shimmering delicacy and echoing hand claps of Parix, which is getting as much love for the haunting narrative video as for the track.

Kelly and Add Ends were pushed out for free across the interwebs this summer ahead of the album, Konkylie, which was released in June. Buy it now on iTunes / Rough Trade.

When Saints Go Machine – Kelly
When Saints Go Machine – Add Ends
When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

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