Apparat‘s new album The Devil’s Walk has started hitting the blogs before its release on Mon 26th September.

If you’re into Apparat’s earlier techno-driven work, or his stuff as Moderat or with Ellen Allien, then be warned: he’s “kind of sick of dance music”*, as he explains here in his lovely German accent.

The only way you’ll hear any of these tracks in a club is when the inevitable remixes pour in. More along the lines of Nicolas Jaar or James Blake, they centre on Sasha Ring’s smooth vocals, which at times seem almost a little too intimate, cracking uncomfortably like a stranger’s voice pressing in your ear in the dark hours and revealing too much. It’s epic, soundscapey, headphone heaven, Sigur Ros with emotions, music for walking through the city at night or sticking the duvet over your head and imagining you’re somewhere else altogether, with that insistent voice guiding you through a pulsating electronic soundscape of simultaneous euphoria and melancholy.

Basically, expect a glut of new fans, some very content current fans, and a handful of pissed-off old fans. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.


Also thought I’d share a pretty sweet Telefon Tel Aviv remix of Komponent (off his 2005 EP Silizium) in honour of the fact that Joshua Eustis worked with Ring on the album.

Apparat – Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv remix)
See them in Glasgow on 19th Oct

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