The Whip's new album Wired Together, out 19th Sep 2011

New Whip stuff! Yeah! The first five tracks are streaming on the Whip website now.

The free download (Secret Weapon, below) is, despite its brilliant liquidy New Order bassline, by no means the best on the album.

Movement, Riot and Master Of Ceremonies are way sweeter, with the trace of Northern England on his lips and disco vibes from the bass and drums rescuing the toy-town synths from occasional dips into the unappetising electrocheese fondue that is the Radio 1 daytime playlist or a Saturday night out at your town’s shittest club, lorded over by the maniacal face of David Guetta as he experiences an immaculate orgasm.

David Guetta achieving orgasm behind the decks.

Any attempted darkness is just that – attempted – but when they stop with the Factory Floor Lite lyrics, the simplicity of the music speaks for itself: brightly-coloured indie electro with throbs of disco and, such as on the Primal Scream-esque Slow Down, wonderful peaks of euphoria.

The first five tracks are streaming on the Whip website now. Pre-order the album now to get them as free downloads.

The Whip – Secret Weapon
The Music – The People (The Whip remix)

The Whip play King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow on Fri 9th Sep

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