Rudi Zygadlo's Achtung! EP, out on 14th Sep

Our favourite Scottish person to be currently tearing it up in Berlin, Rudi Zygadlo has snuck out a new track, Variously Made Men. Off his new EP Achtung! (out on 14th Sep as 12″ and MP3), it’s perhaps his most melodic track yet, starting off as what sounds like an electronic sea shanty (bear with me) before the idiosyncratic Zygadlo sound breaks in, chopping between different rhythms, textures and separate islands of sweetly harmonising melody, all held together by a chunky, woozy synth.

Rudi Zygadlo – Variously Made Men

He’s also infinitely improved Crystal Fighters‘ latest single Plage, replacing their bluegrass-lite indie twiddling with elegant piano, bright, vivid vocals and whooshing stabs of bass. Very nice indeed.

Crystal Fighters – Plage (Rudi Zygadlo Sexed Up The Dossier remix)

Rudi plays at the Arches, Glasgow with Africa Hitech, Anxst and Point To C on Friday 9th Sep.

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