Azari & III’s new album Azari & III is THE house release of the summer, mainly because it sounds like it should have been released twenty summers ago (this is A Good Thing and stops us from listening to D:Ream on repeat). That said, despite being recorded with original 80s synths and 12-bit drum samplers, the finished sound is slick and totally now, and sounds amazing in a club.

The tracks that everyone knows by now – Hungry For The Power, Reckless With Your Love and Into The Night – actually feature guest vocalists Starving Yet Full (SYF) and Fritz Helder. The proper core of the act are the equally excitingly-titled producers Alphonse Alixander Lanza III and Dinamo Azari.

Fittingly some of the tracks come as a slight surprise for being instrumental – you’re waiting for the vocals to kick in. Tunnel Vision is rave-funk from a computer game radio show, Infinity is quite sophisticated disco-tech with more than a nod to acid house and Change Of Heart – as the name suggests – throws in some blissed-out dream pop synthesised vocals, just in case all that acid was getting a little much.

[Edit: the album stream’s no longer available so we’ve gone for some remixes. Go and buy the album! We have it on bona fide CD disc it’s that good.]

Buy on iTunes
Go to Modular People on Soundcloud

We had the pleasure of meeting them when they played Death Disco in June. Starving Yet Full (real name Cedric) and his sequinned jacket were as quirky and wonderful as you’d expect from someone whose real name is Cedric.

Gutted we didn’t get to meet Fritz. Fierce personified.

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