Highlife have put out their first mixtape as the first in a series of free podcasts which will be hosted on the Radio Magnetic site. It features solely acts who’ve played – or will be playing – the club night this year. In terms of music it’s a mixture of funk, afrobeat, house, disco and MAD DRUMS of all sorts. Everyone likes a good drum.

Brian d’Souza (resident and promoter) has been making some excellent music under the alias Auntie Flo – there’s a few tracks on the mix, including an exclusive new one. If you’ve not already seen it, the video has to be one of the most joyful things you’ll witness. I suggest we start prescribing Auntie Flo on the NHS immediately to cure a plethora of ills, like a kind of leech for the nu generation – depression, obesity, bad dancing…

Highlife Mixtape 001 (download on Soundcloud)

Auntie Flo – Highlife (Highlife resident)
Mim Suleiman – Nyuli (Played Highlife in Nov 2010)
Michael Jackson – Get On the Floor (Alejandro Paz Edit) (July 2011)
Djs Pareja – La Risa (Oct 2011)
Dj Sdunkero – Choosing Love (May 2011)
Dj Mujava – Mugwanti (May 2011)
Auntie Flo – Oh My Days (Highlife resident)
Bamboo Palace – Climaxx (Sept 2010)
Alejandro Paz – Callejero (July 2011)
Capracara – Silvia Solar (May 2010)
Esa Williams & Mervin Granger – Nzulu Dreamer (May 2011)
Raoul K – Africa (Sept 2011)
Kasai Allstars – Mukubu Special (Shackleton Mix) (May 2011)
Bob Holroyd – African Drug (T Williams Mix) (March 2011)
Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso – Morgan (May 2010)
Nicolas Jaar – Traces (July 2011)

The next Highlife is at the Arches with a live set from Nicolas Jaar (eeeee!), sets from Brian d’Souza, Andrew from Huntleys and Palmers and Esa Williams (Rememory/Subculture), and live visuals from Florence To (Sub Club).

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