Was anyone there? If so, did you get any more video footage which you could kindly upload to Youtube for those who are too poor, or so in sync with Charlie Brooker and his cynical yet always spot-on commentaries that they somehow foresaw that, in a year’s time, he would be writing about it disparagingly and decided not to register for a ticket.

N.B. Video footage is preferable to comments along the lines of ‘omg i was there was amazing you had to be there’: I wasn’t there. This is the whole point. I’m too selfish to care about how good a time you had. My smugness over watching the coverage ensconced in a winter duvet eating endless rounds of peanut butter on toast evaporated round about the time I realised I wanted to see about two of the acts the BBC had filmed. I also experienced a mild carbohydrate ‘high’ which, annoyingly, peaked during the Vaccines’ somewhat lacklustre highlights (no Wreckin’ Bar, no Post Break Up Sex, and no charisma, it seems), and had dissipated into a disappointing post-carbohydrate guilt by the time Beyonce came on.

Jaar is playing live in Glasgow on 29th July with an afterparty from Highlife, will be a good ‘un.

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