Here's hoping they're not expecting pineapples in the Arches.

Hushpuppy gets all questions-in-your-face with Discotexas head honchos Xinobi and Moullinex before their appearance at Death Disco this Saturday. And we all know what happened last time he did this with Gus Da Hoodrat, don’t we? Hmmnnm? He got some really good answers, that’s what.

Xinobi and Moullinex? One word names are cool. What made you choose?

M: Sometimes you need to deliver something fast and the least important thing for you is the name, so you choose it last. So you can imagine what was lying around me when I finished my first remix…

X: I just picked a name that I used on chat platforms such as IRC. I was making a Myspace to upload my songs, and was too lazy to think of a name so it took five seconds to just go with something I’d used for years. It also sticks as an homage to my favorite video game EVER. Today… I think it may be a lousy name.

We like short things. How would you tweet a description of your sound and style?

M: Trying to achieve timelessness and having fun while doing it.

X: I’ll quote Moullinex, adding only that music makes me feel a kid whilst aging.

Xinobi – Hawaii

Discotexas: another great name – but this is a both a club night and a label? What was the inspiration to begin these two projects, and how are they connected?

M: For us, there isn’t a clear boundary between them. The music we play and the artists we bring resonate with the music we make and the music we wanna release. We started this from a common place: finding an umbrella to cover these artists that shared so many things, but were unique in their own way.

X: The club night started as a tool to bring artists we loved and that no-one gave a shit about at that period. Some artist we booked three years ago returned to Portugal 45208520982390 more times. Both projects have in common an eclectic yet coherent history. And yes, Discotexas is a great name.

As well as your own label you have releases individually on Kris Menace’s Work It Baby and Munich’s future-funk wunderkind Gomma. How did you both end up being involved with these labels?

X: One day, out of nowhere, I got a Myspace message from Kris Menace asking about re-releasing Day Off (at that time, the first Discotexas release) on Work It Baby. I felt so proud as I was a huge fan (and still am) of Kris. For a year or so nothing happened because of some dude we had managing our label who started acting un-properly, but we got him out (after some legal battling) of what we felt was exclusively ours. Sadly our catalogue was deleted, but on the same day this dude was off the horizon, I wrote to Kris again and he welcomed me onto Work it Baby.

The hot summer’s day I signed to Work It Baby was also the day I re-signed Discotexas as a trademark. It was a really important day – the start of a second chapter.

M: I met the Gomma guys in Munich and we immediately hit it off. I like their loose but hard-working way of doing things. And of course I always liked their output for being consistent whilst always fresh. For me, it was great to be invited to be part of a label that rides on the edge without being the flavour of the hour, but also pays homage to the classics.

Moullinex – Superman

You’ve both played in Glasgow before. Have you got good memories of those shows, and are you looking forward to your return?

X: I do of course have good memories. I have to say this, because it’s the truth. As an artist, Glasgow is RPZ/Death Disco boys, Glasgow School Of Art and the Arches. RPZ / Death Disco (alongside the Glory-Boat kids in Sweden) were the first people outside of Portugal that believed I could be something special. I don’t know if I am, but you were one of the main reasons that took me to believe I should invest in what I do now. Can’t thank you enough. Also, getting home without any trace of tobacco smell and at a decent hour is a thing I really liked in Glasgow. I’ll be glad to return there!

M: Yes, of course: it was my first show ever outside Portugal, so I really cherish those memories. I was surprised that clubs closed so early. And, well, we were used to drinking milk and eating pastries after shows, not kebabs and a beer…

What tune in your sets is really driving the Discotexas kids crazy?

M: Lately I have two crowd-pleasing faves: Tom Middleton’s remix for Beardyman and Xinobi’s own Hawaii.

X: If I wanna make it easy, I have to say the new Nightriders track Hey. It normally works not as a crowd pleaser but as a crowd lifter. I’ve seen this track waking up zombies and making them dance. Moullinex has a new smooth catchy bomb being prepared… If he finishes the track so it’s playable in The Arches, I’ll let you know. Light Year’s Movin’ can also take some dust out of the floor.

Light Year – Movin

Xinobi and Moullinex play the RPZ room at Death Disco on Sat 16th April.

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