God, I really love this guy Moullinex.

I delved into his Superman EP last year but someone sent me this mix he did for FACT and it reminded me how good he is, making tracks with that kind of shimmery rainbow-hued house, nu-disco, and new wave sound that makes you think you’re in Europe, sipping on a super strong Mojito, getting ready to ‘head to the disco club party’ whilst being fashionably dissatisfied with everything you have to wear.


I also love that, glancing over his biography, you will find the phrase: “Whilst refusing to give up a career in neurology and astronomy research…” You can just imagine the series of increasingly desperate negotiations between agent and artist.

“For the last time, the answer’s NO. I will NOT concentrate solely on my excllent production abilities. Nu-disco will soon be long gone, torn to whimpering, pastel-coloured shreds as the fierce jaws of dubstep eventually gobble down any trace of melody or homoeroticism from the clubbing landscape and/or mainstream music as we know it. Whereas the stars, my friend… <with a knowing, worn-down sigh> The stars will never die.”

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