Josh Wavy Graves got this interview with David from 2manydjs last year and I’m only just getting round to putting it up. Shame on me. They seem to be one of those acts who you don’t really think about until they play, at which point the world and its mad Aberdonian second-cousin-twice-removed turns up, and everyone has ‘one of those nights’. I suppose it’s because they’re very solid party DJs, and they put on a really good show. They have to, considering they’re riding on the back of an (albeit seminal) album released in 2002.

Here’s something I never knew from the 2manydjs wiki page. I can’t test it due to ridiculous scratching/unknown sticky substances on my copy of the album:

“On CD copies of the album, it is possible to rewind to before the first track to access Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Elektronic Mix) by Kylie Minogue. This is accomplished by pressing play, rewinding for 4 minutes and 17 seconds and allowing the album to start. After this song the album moves straight into Peter Gunn”/”Where’s Your Head At?” 

So anyway, apparently they’re working on a 24 hour free stream as David thinks releasing things is boring. Also, his favourite hobby is sex. Who knew?

Really want that t-shirt.

How do you balance performing as both Soulwax and 2ManyDJs?

Very simply, we decide whichever one we want to focus on. It’s like someone with a job managing projects; we just go between them seamlessly.

Did you always want to do the kind of big production that you’ve become synonymous with?

No, it wasn’t something we wanted before but couldn’t have. The whole production thing came about because we kept getting these offers to close or headline festivals and to stand there just with two idiots in a DJ booth. Very depressing. So that’s why we came up with another invention, if you will.

Is there plans to release another record?

We only did one. We only released one record, then there were a bunch of bootlegs that we had nothing to do with. That one… It was such a special thing. It was the right album at the right time. Objectively it was an incredible successful record, but it almost felt like it was separate from us, it felt like it wasn’t even anything to do with us anymore and it was great to do, but to do a similar thing now wouldn’t work.

As Heard On Radio Soulwax

So what were doing is a new release that’s part of the new website. Instead of it being an album or a CD you can buy in a store we are making 24 hours of music that will be streamed live on our website for free.

What was the genesis of that idea?

About a year ago, we said, well let’s just concentrate on 2manydjs, because we haven’t really done much with it. We’ve done Soulwax, we’ve done a DVD and we have been DJing but we haven’t done much for it – we haven’t really taken the concept any further. So about a year ago we said, why don’t we do this thing where we do a production tour and do the visuals. So we did that for 4 or 5 months over the summer, toured everywhere and did a big show. Then we figured instead of putting out a CD, just another compilation CD that would have a shelf life of two to three months, get written about in all the magazines… I don’t know. It’s just really boring to me… It’s a boring concept!

As a DJ all the tools are there today to do something different with it. Basically we’re programming a day of music, so what you hear at ten in the morning will be quite different from what you hear at ten at night, or 6pm, or whatever. It will rotate in such a way that you will probably never hear the same thing twice – already people’s attention for, like, a minute so to assume people would listen to 24 hours in one go is ridiculous.

How are you going to compose this?

Well, for the music it’s just stuff we’ve been compiling, a bunch of themed hours. For the visual side, everything we have done recently has been done with a good friend of ours, Fergadelic, who’s a kind of a graphic artist, for lack of a better word. We work with him but we do a lot of stuff ourselves, we work with a bunch of animators who animate sleeves for us. It’s quite a big enterprise.

How do you approach your radio projects?

Steff and I sit together in our studio, we take a lot of records and we cut them up, almost in a collage kind of way. There’s been a few instances where, I guess its the equivalent of Radio 1 in Belgium, they invite us once every six months or so and we go away and do a proper show, were we host it and play records and stuff, but we don’t have a real ambition to do it, it just happens.

Is collage, or musique concrete, something you have always been interested in?

No. I’m not going to pretend I was always into musique concrete. I was into the Beatles, but it just fits, it works for us. I’m not saying everyone should do it but that’s how we DJ -we like to take the best bits of records we love and put them together.

Do you have any other interests?

Because of what we do – which is basically anything to do with music, video and visuals – because of that being so broad, I don’t have many other interests… apart from sex. I guess that could be my hobby – sex.

They’re playing the Arches on Fri 19th Feb.

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