Acid Washed album cover

Acid Washed debut album, Acid Washed

When the inevitable post-New Year blues came calling, I took to a mode of semi-hibernation and, for the first couple of days of January, was With Laptop. I can’t honestly say anything productive came out of those four days (or was it two? Seven?) which, musically, switched between dark, plinky techno, Matthew Dear’s Black City (which incidentally showcases a smidgen of the former) and bad quality Youtube tracks probably best grouped under the “camp classics” umbrella (which I imagine looks a bit like this). A kind of manic depressive musical haven, if you will.

Back in the land of the living (thank fuck), I was alerted to this little feel-good gem of a mix (with interview) from Acid Washed which they’ve impressively managed not to stuff full of their own tracks and instead included the Glimmers, Azari & III and a personal favourite from Munk (ace video).

I’ve acquired two CD copies of the self-titled debut album and two beautiful vinyl copies of their second single, also called Acid Washed, with remixes by Mickey Moonlight and The Hacker.

I’m not showing off, I’m saying you can have one too, if you like. IF… you answer the following question:

What would you rather do:
(a) wash in hydrochloric acid
(b) take acid whilst watching this man wash

Answers below please. Let me know whether you prefer CD or vinyl.

EDIT: I probably should have specified that I only have two of each so I went for the first-come-first-served basis. Vinyl/CDs should be winging their way to the first names now. Sorry, it’s always a bastard, that one. Plenty more competitions to come though…

Acid Washed are playing Death Disco this Saturday with Yuksek and Visions Of Trees.

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  1. Ella Shnapp says:

    B, because 1. I’de rather not die and 2. His stomach is so big it would probably act as a big pink canvas for you to fill with acid inspired visions!
    I’de love a vinyl copy!

  2. Jordan says:

    (b) take acid whilst watching this man wash

    LSD > Horrific burns

  3. Suzanne Bonner says:


    a) wash in hydrochloric acid

    vinyl, ta!

  4. Michael Kent says:

    B. Because after being surrounded by fat people for so many years i think id be able to cope. Also, i like having skin!

    A CD would be brilliant thanks!

  5. Stuart Harvie says:

    B is the obvious answer. I would have a wash in hydrochloric acid because I’M FUCKING MENTAL. However seeing his naked ripped body covered in bubble would be too much. I’d love a vinyl copy too.

  6. Meg says:

    B for sure. I’ve been there with the HCL and it blisters. The large fellow would spark curiosity and revulsion in equal parts, but exist in my memory only. You can wipe that. Cd please.

  7. Johnny Crash says:

    B. I can deal with the mental scarring of watching that man try and wash himself and, hopefully, you’re supplying the acid. CD Puhlease!

  8. flamingalah says:

    I’ll go for B, as you’d need to be on acid to watch that guy wash, and it’s gotta be better than an acid bath! Either cd or vinyl

  9. Susie McNinch says:

    B. I just love love love obese men! 🙂 CD please!

  10. Josh says:

    watchin that guy on acid with loads of baby lotion…. mmmmmmm!!!!! vinyl please!!!!! xxxx

  11. Robin Dunn says:

    B: Watch Fattie Arbuckle scrub da blubba whilst I trip balls.

    Vinyl, sil vous plait!

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