As part of the Techno Up Your Ass Tour 2010 Bang Gang’s Gus Da Hoodrat (AKA Prince Fingers) will be hanging with the RPZ guys (again) on 22nd Dec at Stereo. Gus is sort of a DJ dude. Here is some shit we asked him about his, you know, STUFF.

Bang Gang DJs' Gus Da Hoodrat

Takes a lot of drugs, apparently.

Bang Gang deejays? Who, where, and what the fuck?

It isn’t really a long story – but i’m going to make it look that way. It was a rainy morning in Sydney (which hardly ever happens… na, it happens all the time I’m just trying to make you jealous) at about 6am and I was sitting on the window sill of the shittiest pub in town highas a kite with my best friends (Ajax, Dan, Beni, Mikey and Jaime) and wedecided that instead of being a DJ, a drug dealer, a fashion designer, amad partying poof, a bum and a waiter we would be professional partymakers. Well, not that professional, but we would try.

And so we started a party. That is what we did – PARTY. And as it grew and we grew we let it become that little monster that it was. Tearing relationships apart, sending people insane, actaually forcing us to learn how to DJ before we had more bottles thrown at us. That was how it went. And here we are now- hate each other but love the music.

Gus Da Hoodrat is one of them dudes. What’s he all about?

Oh that guy – he is kinda like the deeper one of the bunch. He is deep into gimmicks, deep into burgers, deep into toys, deep into the beach,deep into deep techno, deep into partying and most of all deep into notbeing deep about anything.

5000 fingers… or just 10? Who is Prince Fingers?

Imagine that – 5000 fingers. That could be a good name for an E.P. -5000 Fingers Deep… suitable. Prince Fingers is actually an alter ego that I took upon myself whilst under the influence of some extremely strong mushrooms. Hawaiian actually. Had I known he would then beforcing me to produce music with my partner in crime – Frank Xavier akaFrank Black – I might have asked him to make the music good. But you know you, can always practise at a thing and that is what we are doing.

We’re up for a hand-jive, how will Hoodrat make us bounce?

I’m very much caught up in field recordings at the moment. So if buzzing bees and the sound of the wind dancing between two mountains getsyou bouncing then that is how it will go. Otherwise I plan on singing minimal crooner ballads in the key of E flat. If that fails to get thehands jiving I think I will revert to some good old-fashioned techno and blues.

Glasgow seems to like you, do you like Glasgow?

Oh Glasgow – that place… It holds a small part of me for sure. It is the best party city in Scotland. The amount of musical, artistic and creative talent that comes out of there is amazing. My family heritagedrags all the way back up to a small town called Dingwall, just north of Inverness, and I remember formulating (when I would visit) that this was Scotland – everyone was like that. But on my first visit to Glasgow and witnessing my first proper Scottish street fight and make-up over deep-fried blood pudd I was of a different opinion.

Let your fingers do the walking… So where is Prince Fingers heading in the future?

We have a plan. A grand plan. To make some music occasionally. Doesn’t sound grand or anything like a solid plan but trust me, we will make at least one song next year. We are also going to do 567 remixes. So maybe that will be worked into the grand plan. We have just completed a few new ones and have a couple more on the way for the likes of Azari & III,Gucci Vump, Beni, Light Year and Tito Puente. All that and the purchase of a new 808.

Count ’em on one hand – five tracks that make you go “MMMMM”.

Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing
Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
David Bowie – Up the Hill Backwards
New Musik – Warp
Spectral Display – It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love

Hushpuppy, Dec 2010

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