Those unfamiliar with Mikix The Cat may well know him as Momma’s Boy, under which moniker he released the kind of bass-heavy, stripped down rave tracks that musically represent the human brain at its most wired, and socially portray the fresh-faced excitement and rebellion that the acid house 808 still recalls at the merest squelchy hint.

Thankfully, as Mikix The Cat he’s doing a very similar thing now on Trouble & Bass – so much so that he released a pretty hot ‘vs’ between both sides of his personality in April – with a video that attempts to subliminally convince you that you need more grainy 70s soft porn in your life.

Latest EP Girls Keep On Wondering is a paeon to the sweat drenched euphoria of a basement rave, with mind-bending drops, punishing percussive rhythms and warm, pulsating bass that sounds like it’s coming from the centre of the universe – even on Youtube. Sticking with a theme, the video attempts to subliminally convince you that you need more nights out on dodgy pills at Ministry of Sound that end in you pulling a ‘ well fit girl’ who, you find out the next morning, is actually called Juan, and he thinks he’s in love.

Can’t wait for the next video. In the meantime, we caught up with him before his set at Death Disco this Saturday…

N.B. I thought he lived in Paris, and based many of the questions on this fact. He doesn’t – he lives in Berlin. Fail.

You started off breakdancing, making music “for your own dance needs”. How did you get recognised as a producer, and was that what you initially set out to do?

The first release that got me some attention was the Freeze EP on Trouble and Bass in 2008. Well-cut samples, afro rhythm, big start up… It was something fresh and new at the time.

Was there one track in particular that got heads turning?


What’s been your favourite remix to do so far?

I enjoy doing remixes, it’s always a new challenge, but I really prefer the ones with vocals.

“There only exists good music and bad music, that’s all”. We agree, but can you give us a few examples of what you consider good/bad music?

Good music is stuff that makes you feel something special, move your head or get totally hooked. Bad music makes you feel nothing… It has no soul!

The ABRACADA label seems to be the first word in Euro cool right now. What’s it like being part of that circle?

ABRACADA is a way for me to develop another side of my music production, to make it more pop by remaining club music. Every artist on the label is talented so I’m happy to be a part of it.

What’s it like to make music in Paris right now? Is it as hyper-cool and exciting as we imagine?

Not that much. I don’t live in Paris anymore, to give you an idea… Paris/France needs a new era and we’re all trying to make it happen, but without any serious success yet. I think our older brothers did a lot for us! It’s very hard to beat them now, but the good thing is that we can keep doing music without having a special city culture, for instance like Berlin and its minimal music, or London and its UK funky one. It’s made us more open to new prospects.

Can you take us through an average day, warts and all?

Today, it was: go to bed a 6am, wake up at 11am, studio at 12, and now doing this interview it’s 7pm. I’m gonna cook, eat and try to finish this crazy video game Fallout New Vegas or go out with some girls or see my friends till 6am again… then tomorrow is going to be a totally different day. Life is cool 🙂

Which artists are you working with at the moment, and who would you like to work with in the future?

I’m not working with anyone for the moment but in 2011, I will focus my energy on producing more people because I love it. I’d be glad to work with some upcoming good singers and try to make something fresh and new with them.

Many of your tracks are based around that distinctive sound of underground rave – powerfully simple, dark and dirty – and the video for Girls seems to celebrate and mock that at the same time. What sort of club scene are you into in Paris, and can you sum up your ideal club experience?

I like that, powerful dirty dark music, haha!!!!! I live in Berlin now and it’s influenced me a lot. You can go in whatever pub or club and music will always be GOOOOD. The scene in Paris, except some parties at the Social Club and the Rex Club, is not really my style. Plus, I have enough banging music in my studio :p

And finally, what’s been on your stereo in the last week?

I’m listening some new jack, just found some on my old hard drive. It’s so good!

Mikix The Cat – Girls Just Keep Wondering EP is out now // iTunes // Juno

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