Those who know me also know (think) that my iTunes is philled with guilty pleasures. From Alvin and the Chipmunks to Cascada, I love all things fun, cheesy and, some might say, slightly embarrassing. When G.L.I.S.C.O came a collin, I found it difficult to think of any guilty pleasures as I have always considered my music collection perfectly respectable.

Although the first record I owned (and still do) was Enjoy Yourself by Kylie, the first concert I went to was Phil Collins. I went for my dad’s birthday when I was about 10, and I think I liked it more than he did.

So, it is with great pride I present my not-so-guilty guilty pleasure… Phil Collins.

Miranda, Nov 2010

(1) Sussudio (1985)

The drums are dynamite on this song, and it’s a great sing-a-long, but what on earth does sussudio mean?! Is it a word, is it insane, no… it’s an improvised lyric scanned to a drum machine. After an unsuccessful search for a better, or real, word that fitted, he ran with sussudio. I’ve not sussed its real meaning yet.

(2) Easy Lover (1985)

One of my favourite songs to belt out in the shower. Bizarrely, it was used as the theme tune for Wrestlemania in the year of its release.

(3) In The Air Tonight

Part of the reason I love this tune so much is because it’s from one of my favourite films, Risky Business. When I first saw it, I’d taped it off the telly. Unbeknownst to me, however, the tape had run out a good chunk before the end, leading me to believe for several years that the film finished with Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay making love on a real train to this Phil Collins number. I was gutted when I finally saw the real ending.

(4) Another Day In Paradise (1989)

Phil’s most successful single ever, which raises awareness of the issue of homelessness. Brandy’s cover in 2001 is great too.

(5) I Can’t Dance (1991)

We can’t talk about Phil and not mention Genesis. In the beginning, Phil was just a backing singer. When they gave up the long search to replace the void Peter Gabriel had left, and the band said ‘let Phil do it’, and he did, they saw that Phil was good. This is my favourite of their songs from their most successful album, We Can’t Dance.

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