Yes, really. It’s little wonder that he rebelled against his parents and ‘got into music’. Growing up in a tiny Scottish village listening to DJ Hixxy and Paul Van Dyk, it could have all gone so differently… instead, when he’s not playing scrabble, Barry makes music somewhere between an Ibizan terrace at sunset and a casio keyboard jam in a Glasgow bedsit.

You grew up in “a horrible little village” called Alloa. What did you do for kicks?
That was a cynical statement; there are some nice places where I stay. When I was growing up I played in bands and got some old recording and DJ gear and messed around with it.

Can you sum up your teenage years in five artists?
DJ Hixxy, Oasis, Blink 182, Paul Van Dyk and… ermmmm… The Spice Girls.

How did you make the move from writing songs into production?
I’ve been interested in recording and producing for as long as Ive been interested in music, and started doing it as soon as I could get my hands on the gear.

If you were asked to give some advice to young kids in Scottish villages reading this who are writing tunes in their bedrooms, what would you say to them?
Make sure you’re happy with what you are doing before you let anyone hear it.
Your sound is really interesting – halfway between an Ibizan terrace at sunset, and a casio keyboard jam in a Glasgow bedsit. Please take that as a compliment. What inspires that euphoric balaeric sound?
I’m not sure. It could be the amount of trance I listened to growing up or the amount of time me and my parents spent in Ibiza when I was a kid.

There seem to be contradictory tastes seeping through – from trance to pop to soft rock. What genres/artists have actually influenced you?
I love almost all genres of music and respect artists who I get a good feeling and a sense of realism from. I couldn’t say who exactly has influenced me.

Is there anyone else making music right now who you align yourself with, sound-wise or image-wise?
No. But I’m sure there are many artists that people will liken my/our music to.

What’s been your gig highlight so far? Who’s been fun to work with?
Best show so far has to be T in The Park this year. The crowd and atmosphere were amazing. Although I am genuinely looking forward to The Arches. Maybe The Arches will top it.
In any blog coverage so far, it seems they can never resist mentioning the Scottish ‘thing’. Is there a particular Glasgow/Scottish scene you identify with?
I think all scenes in Glasgow have their place, but I don’t see much that I can personally identify with. Maybe I’ve just not been to the right places.

The video for Dream About You is pretty gorgeous. Where was it set, and what was it like to film?
Thankyah. The Dream About You video was great luck and good fun. Myself and Craig Rooney had been planning to do a video for a while and everytime we made a date, the weather was bland as fuck or just wrong, and I knew I wanted a great day for the video imagery, so we picked a random Sunday to do it on St. Andrews beach and it ended up being the best summer day I’ve seen all year, so we were pretty damn lucky with the weather, being from this country n all that.

You now live in Glasgow (I think). What do you do for kicks? 
I don’t live in Glasgow, but nine times out of ten I’ll go out there. I guess I’d just go to King Tuts or Sleazies or just hang with mates. Or at home I’ll play scrabble with my friend Alby. But most of the time I’m sitting at my studio computer fucking around with synths and songs n such. Ssssssssssssss.

Finally, what’s been on your headphones in the past week?
This week I’ve been listening to Drums of Death’s album, Dinosaur Pile-up’s album and a bit of Deadmau5.

MOPP is playing live (with his full five piece band) on Friday 29th October 2010 at the Arches, supporting electro-indie French duo Jamaica.

MOPP – Dream About You (Frere777 Remix)
Saint Saviour – Woman Scorned (MOPP Bang Mix)

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  1. Lex O'Carroll says:

    A great track! Lookin forward to some more stuff from this dude.

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