If you stay up all night you will look like this.

Shaun fae Solar is an elusive enigma, existing only in the witching hours, and even then only as a concept. This mix appeared in my inbox at 6am. Despite his metaphysically questionable existence, Shaun’s supa-solid DJing style betrays his first musical love: hip hop. It’s not so much the fair whack of UK funky, dubstep and baltimore he throws in as his mixing: rewinds, chunky cuts, confident drops and an attitude of F-U-N ultimately serve to remind you why vinyl will always be superior.


Within the first five minutes, Prince’s Erotic City dissolves seamlessly into Modeselektor’s Suckerpin. Enough said.

The Jets  Crush On You (Extended Version)
Mount Kimbie  Mayor
Prince  Erotic City (Dance Mix)
Modeselektor  Suckerpin
Hypno  Over The Top
C.R.S.T  Need You
Lone  Pineapple Crush
Sia  Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix)
M.I.A.  XXXO (Riton ReRub)
Redlight  What You Talking About (Feat. Ms Dynamite)
Skream  Do U Know
DMX Krew  You Can’t Hide Your Love (Hidden Love Mix)
Big Boi  Shutterbug (Jack Beats ‘Club’ Mix)
Tom Stephan  Turn That Shit Up (Diplo Remix)
Rob Threezy  Let’s Go Ravers
Outlander  Vamp
Bamabounce  I Know I’ve Been Changed

His next outing is at the SubClub’s new Tuesday night venture I AM. Go and pinch him on the arm.

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2 Responses to SHAUN FAE SOLAR MIX (25TH SEP 2010)

  1. jeeves says:

    Not available on soundcloud 😦

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